Fuel for the Athlete and Everyday Person


A Lifestyle Change; Fuel for the Athlete and Everyday Person



Hello TopFlight members, we wanted to remind you about an informative meeting for the athlete or individual that would like to enhance their performance on the court or on the field.  The meeting will discuss how parents can help their student/athlete or themselves perform at another level while participating in sports, in the classroom, or with everyday life.



If your athlete talks to you about being tired during a tournament or a game, or if you are dragging during the day, or lacking the energy throughout the day then this meeting is for you.  Not only will we provide information on how to better yourself or your daily diet, but we will also discuss the different choices that are there for each and every individual.



We hope to see you there!



If you have any questions please call Charlie at 512-413-3283.


*Presenter: Steven Herzfeld; AdvoCare Distributor


Site: Holiday Inn & Suites (Meeting Room), Buda TX

Date: February 5, 2018

Time: 6:30pm-till

Cost: FREE