Scholarship Criteria

Texas TopFlight Volleyball Club (TFV) offers the Ivan Paul Rogers Scholarship every year.  Mr. Rogers has been a huge asset to TFV for over 10 years.  His time, dedication, and commitment are one of the reasons TFV has succeeded over the years.  Below is the criteria to apply for the scholarship.  The recipient will be announced at the TFV Banquet.  This scholarship will only be offered to current TFV members in good standing.
This scholarship will be awarded by TFV to help the selected member with their club volleyball expenses. The scholarship(s) will only cover club fees and does not include travel cost nor lounging costs. 
If any of the Scholarship winner(s) are ineligible to accept the monetary award due to interest of returning to TFV then the second candidate will be selected to receive the award.  This scholarship has no cash value and is non transferable.  Recipient will be selected by Mr. Ivan Paul Rogers.  


Please use the following format on plain paper, typed using Microsoft Office Word, or saved as a PDF:

  1.  Name, address, phone number and email address of the candidate.
  2. TFV volleyball team affiliation(s), if any, and years of affiliation (Recreational, Club, High School and any coaching or volunteer hours done (years/seasons).
  3. Participation in any TFV leagues and/or tournaments.
  4. High School/Middle School attended and GPA.
  5. Essay – on how you have made a difference to your team(s) and contributed to the TFV mission statement, and philosophy of “Training Every Girl On and Off The Court”, that would also include the following; love for the sport, advanced skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship” (limited to 500 words).  List any and all personal connections that TFV and the sport of volleyball has done to help you as a young lady.  Application must be typed 12pt font, new courier, double spaced.
  6. Other pertinent non-volleyball related information such as community service, church activities, school activities, etc. Indicate time spent and levels of responsibility.
  7. A letter of recommendation from an unrelated individual (limit to one page). (OPTIONAL)
  8. Up to two named references, non-family/relative person.    (OPTIONAL)

 The total application should be no more than four (4) pages. Selection criteria will include:

  1. Volleyball Team Commitment and Leadership.
  2. Participation & Involvement.
  3. School and Community Involvement
  4. Letter of Recommendation.


Send completed applications to TFV by email it to

Must be emailed May 5, 2018 by 5:00 pm. If you have any questions please contact Charlie at 512-413-3283.