TFV Ready to Play - 15s, 16s, 17s

Last Update 4/26/19


Date: April 27, 2019

Cost: $115.00

Deadline: April 12, 2019


There is an entrance fee for all spectators. Coaches on the team roster and players are free. If you are not on the roster expect to pay the entry fee.

  • Adults (13 & up) - $5.00
  • Children (3 -12) - $3.00
  • 2 & under – FREE
  • Once the fee is paid you will need to place the wrist band on your wrist.
  • Seating is allowed as long as your chair does have the guards/protectors on each leg.



Hays High School (2 gyms)

4800 Jack C Hays Trail, Buda, TX 78610

* Limited Concession stand will be provided. Teams are not allowed to set-up food tables at this site.  This site has plenty of parking.  If a vehicle is parked in a non-parking area your vehicle will be towed at your own expense.     



Warm-up: 2-4-4

15's & 16's four team pools will play 2 out of 3 with the top two teams in each pool advancing to a crossover. If you are in a 3 team pool you will play 3-25.  Teams will advance by sets won and then point percentage if needed.  For all crossover matches medals will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

17's will play 2 out of 3 with no crossover match. Final standings of the pool are the placement of the teams. Medals will be given for 1st, and 2nd place only.  

Start time in the AM is at 8am. Warm-up for the proceeding match will start immediately after the previous match. Please make sure your teams are aware of this. We will enforce USAV rules for teams that are not at their court ready to play.  If it is your first match you will be given 4 minutes to warm-up after that the warm up will be 2-4-4. 

Coaches, if you are unsure if your team is done with all assignments please get with the tournament director at the site. NO team meeting however, each coach will need to check-in with the TD.   Doors will open at 7:30am. 

Spectators that get out of hand will be asked to leave immediately (refund will not be given).

Teams that are playing each other will use a game ball provided by either team.

Things to remember:

  • Chairs are only permitted in designated area   
  • Please remember no outside food or drinks are allowed in the gyms 
  • Teams are allowed to bring in water bottles
  • Teams please clean up after yourselves  
  • If you are playing in Buda, you are about 3-5miles from Cabelas

We do apologize for many of the do’s and don’ts, however we are utilizing facilities that we need to make sure we keep clean. We also ask that the participants or teams stay in the designated areas (gym area). We are not allowed to wonder around the schools or in the halls.  A limited concession stand will be on site along with tournament shirts.   

Pool results will be posted as soon as possible at the site.

Once again, we thank you for participating in our tournament and we wish everyone the best of luck!



TFV Ready to Play

Saturday April 27th

1. SO TX Rebels-15Mizuno 1. SA Abyss 15 Blue
2. Waco XTreme-151 2. ALI'I 15 Red
3. SA Abyss 15 Black 3. Austin Velocity 15 Black
4. TFV 14 TopGun 4. TFV 15 TopGun
1. Waco Xtreme 161 1. Gonzales Revolution 161
2. TX Legends 161 2. TFV 16 TopGun
3SA Empire Silver 3. Killeen Trojan Elite
  4. AP 165
G2C1 AM (Joe Graham Gym)
1. Xcel VB 172
2. SA Empire 17 Gold
3. SA Abyss 17 Black
4. SA Empire 17 Silver


4 Team Pool
Time Schedule Work Team
8:00 am 1     v     4 2
9:00 am 2     v     3 4
10:00 am 1     v     3 2
11:00 am 2     v     4 3
12:00 pm 1     v     2 4
1:00 pm 3     v     4 1
 3 Team Pool
9:30 am 1     v     3 2
10:45 am 2     v     3 1
  30 min break  
12:00 pm 1     v     2 3



Club Director or Club Registrar, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to call 512-413-3283 or email