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Texas TopFlight Volleyball Club (TxTFV)

About TFV


Welcome to Texas TopFlight Volleyball (TxTFV), we are a local club under the Lone Star Region of the United States Association of Volleyball.  TFV features some of the best and brightest volleyball players in the area.  Founded in 2003 with aims of advancing volleyball education for its coaches, players, and parents, our organization charted a new course to also train members at a higher level without raising the cost of club volleyball. 

TFV has found its teams to be very competitive at the local and national level.  Not to mention a lead coaching staff that has either played at the collegiate level or coached at the collegiate level.  We pride ourselves on our top-tier staff, featuring some of the best and brightest coaches in the region, and we actively work to educate and train our coaches on a continuous basis, to build on top of the education they received before reaching us and improve and increase their knowledge during their time with us.  The result is one of the most caring, committed, compassionate, and technically sound coaching staffs in the Lone Star Region.

We also believe that our administrative staff is one of the best in the business, with long tenured club volleyball people and several parents of TFV graduated seniors running the show behind the scenes.  While it’s important for parents and players to know that the volleyball product being groomed on the court is exemplary in and of itself, it is equally important for families to understand that the people on the administrative side of the coin are working as diligently, as hard, and as efficiently as possible on their behalf.  Our TFV staff is organized, our financials are in order, and our quality control is second to none.  Not only do we know how to operate efficiently and effectively, however, we also know why it is as important, if not more important, to know why something is being done and when it must be done.  TFV staff and coaches work well together and care for one another, and as you will find said in so many other places, we strive to do differently in everything we do.

TFV players, parents, coaches, and administrators bring unique backgrounds, strong characters, vibrant personalities, valuable experience, and steadfast dedication.  TFV also has adheres to the spirit and the various roles within and beyond the bounds of the organization.  Once again we would like to welcome you to Texas TopFlight Volleyball!