From The Director


My name is Charlie Tamez, and I am the Director and Founder of TopFlightVolleyball. I have been involved in youth sports for over 18 years. Since 2004, my life has revolved around volleyball. Founded in 1996, TopFlightVolleyball (i.e., Kyle Juniors) originated to help every member in the H.C.I.S.D and its surrounding area to gain a certain desire and respect for the game volleyball.

Our teams will play in various tournaments all over the central Texas area. Tournament sites will depend on the different teams offered that year. Some teams will travel out of town and even out of state to compete. Our season runs from November through May. 

Our club will consist of different groups, ages 11 through 18.  Each team will have their own coach and consist of 10-12 players. We pride ourselves on the dedication to ensure every member receives the best quality coaching that we can provide. We also meet with our parents and members to help them understand the commitment that is needed to insure that each and every member is able to improve throughout the year.

I thank you for the time you have taken to view our site and we hope to see you out in the volleyball circuit soon.

If you have any questions about TopFlight Club Volleyball please contact me at (512) 413-3283.  I can also be reached at

I hope to hear from you soon!