TFV Meeting Notes

Last updated 11/6/21



Team Coaches

  • We are super excited to have 9 new coaches join our club this season.
  • We have posted their pictures and their experience on our TFV Coaches tab.
  • Make sure to say hi and welcome them to our TFV family when you see them, they would love to meet you and get to know our TFV family.


USAV Player Registration

  • USAV membership registration is required for your daughter in order to practice. Registration is done through Sports Engine (link provided below). 
  • Every year each member of any organization in our area must register with LSR/USAV allowing each member to play in sanctioned tournaments.  
  • If you have an account then you do not need to create another account.  When you log in, search for our organization on that site (TopFlight Sports).  You will then need to enter your child’s information along with your information. 
  • The fee is a one-time fee of $45 per member.


SportsEngine app

  • TFV Coaches has the option to use the SportsEngine app as form of communication. Since you had to register your daughter for membership, each team has their own team setup to use for communication with a chat, calendar and a roster.
  • If you would like additional guardians to the app, the account holder will need to go to their account profile, click on their child name, click the edit buttom on the bottom left and add a guardian (email).


Team Practice

  • We will be checking-in players when they come in to verify they have their USAV registration completed and they are in good standing before TFV Coaches hand out their practice shirts. So, make sure to get the USAV registration and club payments taken care of before your scheduled practice.
  • TFV practice schedule is posted online.
  • TFV members are required to show up at least 15 minutes early to get ready for practice (put shoes on, stretch, etc.).
  • If you are running late, please notify your coach as soon as possible or if you know you cannot make the designated time, remind the coaches you will be late on those practice days due to traffic, etc. 
  • All teams will wear grey practice shirt on Sundays and red during the weekday.
    • If team does not practice on Sunday, then first weekday practice will be red practice shirt and second weekday practice will be grey practice shirt.
  • Parents are welcomed to stay and watch the practice.
  • Masks are not mandatory to wear, it is up to the player.
  • We recommend they bring knee pads, volleyball shoes and a water bottle.
    • We also recommend they do not wear their volleyball shoes outside of the facility,


TFV outing - UT v OU

  • TFV Night Out will be next Friday, November 12th at Gregory Gym for the UT vs OU volleyball match. We hope you reserved your tickets for this sold-out game! It is going to be exciting and very loud!
  • We hope to meet and greet the UT players afterwards and hopefully take a club picture on the court. We strongly encourage you to find your teammates and/or any other TFV members and take lots of pictures. Don’t forget to tag us so we can share.
  • #TFVNightOutUTvsOU #TxTFV #TopFlightVB #Texas TopFlight
  • If you are interested in a TFV game shirt for this event, shirts will be sold on a first come first served basis starting this Sunday at practice until they are sold out!


USAV Scorekeeping/Referee Clinic

  • TFV will be hosting a USAV Scorekeeping Clinic on Saturday, November 13th from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.
  • Every team is required to have a certified scorekeeper.
  • We ask that a minimum of two people from each team attend this clinic.  
  • TFV will cover the cost for one member of the team.
  • If your daughter is interested in becoming certified scorekeeper, your coach will send you instructions on how to register for this clinic.


Team Parents/Players

  • Parents just a reminder that your contract has an agreement form to respect all TFV Coaches, parents and other members at all events, this includes being courteous to officials and other spectators, especially when wearing TFV apparel.
  • If you would like to meet with the Coach, please arrange a time and place to meet with the Coach to discuss any concerns or questions, preferrebly before or after scheduled practice and not during a tournament.
  • Reminder that you represent TFV on and off the court at all times.


TFV Uniform

  • TFV members are not allowed to roll up their spandex at the waist. They are also required to wear the TFV uniform that has been ordered for you.
  • If you received more than one jersey, the TFV member is required to bring all jerseys to the tournament in case there is a need to change uniforms.
  • If they do not bring their uniform, they will not be permitted to play and will have to stay and cheer on the team until the coach has released the team for the day. 
  • If the uniform we ordered for you does not fit, it will be the responsility of the parent to pay for another uniform to fit appropriately.
  • As soon as the uniforms come in, we will notify you. Reminder the member has to be in good standing in order to receive their uniform.


Team Tournament Schedule

  • Coach picked a "TENTATIVE" tournament schedule.
  • Tournament times and locations will not be available until the Wednesday, Thursday or possibly Friday before the tournament date. Once the Coach receives the tournament information, they will notify their teams with a time to be at the location and any other pertinent information.
  • All TFV members are required to stay at the tournament until the Coach has verbally released them to leave the tournament.
  • Playing time is only guaranteed for the first two sets of each match for Local teams. Deciding set will be up to the Coach.
  • Playing time is not guaranteed for Regional, Semi-National and National teams.
  • TFV Coaches have been instructed to not meet and talk with parents about TFV members playing time. If this is a concern. please set-up a time to meet one day after the tournament.
  • TFV members cannot leave early unless they have notified the Coach with enough notice. A time should be given so the Coach can release the TFV member before the next scheduled match.
  • If you know you will be not be able to participate at a tournament, please let your Coach know as soon as possible so the Coach can prepare for the tournament.


Private Lessons

  • Coaches are available for private lessons.
  • You will need to contact them for availabilty and find out if there is a court space available.



  • We had a great turnout in our last Popcorn fundraiser. we sold over $12,000 in popcorn, which gave our TFV members over $6,000 in waivers.
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes will be the next fundraiser starting November 7th. We strongly encourage you to participate.
  • Reminder that waivers earned cannot be paid back and will be applied to your last payment.
  • If you are paid off in full, they the waivers will be held for the deposit for the next season.


TFS Facility 

  • Weight room is available to our TFV players for free.
  • When players are using the weight room, please notify TFV staff/coaches.
  • If they are 14 and under, we ask a parent to supervise them. 
  • If the parents want to use the weight room, it will be available for $5/day.
  • Following dates the facility will be closed (subject to change at any time):
    • November 25th - Thanksgiving
    • December 25th - Christmas
    • December 31st - New Year's Eve
    • January 1st - New Year's Day
    • January 16th - All Coaches will be New Orleans for tournament
    • April 17th - Easter


TFV Contract/Payments

  • Club payments are due on the 5th of the month and a $25 late fee is applied on the 6th.
  • If you need to know the balance due or check your payment schedule, please login to your account on our TFV website.
  • Three options available to pay for club fees: online, in person or by mail.
    • If making an online payment there is a convenience fee and you also have the option to set up autodraft.
    • In-person at our facility when it is open for any TopFlight event including practice with cash or check.
    • Or mail payments postmarked by the due date to PO Box 367, Buda, TX 78610.
  • If you have any payment questions, please contact Coach Flor at 512-587-7091 or


Regional, Semi-National, and National Teams

  • NOLA Info
    • This is a two day tournament and it is NOT a  "Stay to Play Tournament."
    • TFV members responsible for their transporation/hotel to the New Orleans
    • Hotel information was sent out already, may do another block of hotels
    • Playing at the New Orleans convention center
    • Recommend getting there Friday, January 14th
    • Plan a team brunch/dinner on Friday or Saturday



  • Lone Star Classic (LSC) Info
    • This is a three day tournament and is a "Stay to Play Tournament."  
    • Each team needs to meet the five room minimum in order to be accepted to this tournament. 
    • Some teams will play in Dallas and others will play in Austin. 
    • Coaches will stay somewhere downtown, but we do not know where as of yet. 
    • If you do not see enough rooms available for your team, or your preferred hotel is sold out, please contact EM2 Housing for assistance immediately.
    • If your team is playing in Austin TX, you do not need to reserve a room and we do not need to adhere to the "Stay to Play," since our club is located within 60mi. 
    • If you book rooms on your own with a hotel directly, or through an alternate housing website, your team will not qualify to participate in this stay to play tournament. 

EM2 Housing
Monday–Friday, 8am - 5pm CST
Phone - 1-800-603-0917